Farm for innovation!


Think different. 
We believe in the creative potential of people to solve your complex business challenges.


 We are a one-of-a-kind urban farm where innovation, development and creative leadership come together. 

We understand that dealing with the rapid change in today’s world requires innovative thinking and the use of creativity.

We help companies, NGOs and cities to accelerate change and deliver innovative solutions to their business challenges. 


Our mission is maximising the creative potential of each and every person within a team to address and define business solutions.

An enabled and inspired team is the best asset for any organisation to succeed. 

We use a simple and yet powerful tool called Design Thinking. Through specific methods we bring out the best in teams, enabling them to solve any business challenge organisations are faced with.


Understanding the problem.           

Identifying solutions.

Thinking with your hands.    



Shammy Jacob the co-owner of Jacob and Klooster farms is a creative leader, a sustainability practitioner and an organic farmer.

He spent over 15 years at Nike World headquarters both in the U.S. and Europe from product to innovation. His last role at Nike was the Director for Sustainable Ventures.

He is also a leading Design Thinking Architect where he is the founding member of THNK, The Amsterdam School of Creative Leadership. 


In the midst of 300 fruit trees you will find our Innovation Centre. A large part of the Innovation Centre is a restyled shipping container. Encasing the container are floor to ceiling glass windows with a complete view of our land. 

It is an ideal setting to conduct workshops with ample space for break out session and other creative sessions.

In times of social distancing we are also fully equipped and experienced to facilitate teams across the globe.


We have over 30 years of experience working in medium and large organizations. Our clients include Tommy Hilfiger, Tom Tom, Reliance, Tata Communications, City of Amsterdam, Blue Dart, Global Coffee Platform and Crocs amongst others.

The industries we have worked with span from fashion and lifestyle, telecommunication, education, sustainability and health.

What they say?

What we did?



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