Welcome to 
our farm!

Magical harmony

Located 2 kilometers outside of Chennai, our farm has been called magical by our numerous local and international visitors. Our land is covered with trees, and it is one of the few places in the city where you see more green than gray. It’s the perfect place for adults, children, animals to live, work and learn from one another in harmony.

Enjoy natural growth

We are an organic farm for natural growth. We believe in living genuinely, doing no harm to nature and taking care of the earth.

Jacob & Klooster Farms is not just a place. It's the realisation of our hopes and dreams to live more responsibly. A lifestyle we wish to share with many others.

So we welcome every visitor as part of our family. We will only offer organic products that our own children enjoy.

Inspire by example

We hope to inspire people by example, in an open and light-hearted way. Helping them to live true to their hearts and being kind to the earth.

We are 99% powered by solar energy. We have dug a water catchment system to attract beautiful birds and fish and charge our ground water. Our farm uses organic manure that we get from our cows and leaves. We believe every challenge is yet another opportunity to find creative solutions. 

These practices lead us to live a genuinely happy, purpose-filled life. 

Adventurous pioneers

We are adventurous by nature. In the early 2000s we traded our home and life in Amsterdam for our farm in Thalambur. At that time nothing existed, no internet or stable power or even a postal address.

Today our urban farm on the outskirts of Chennai is bursting with life and creativity.

A place we grow with love: our two boys, dogs, chickens, ducks, cows, birds, a vegetable garden and a fruit orchard.

Living responsibly

We are keenly aware of how each decision we make affects our world around us. Therefore we choose to live responsibly, make sustainable stylish and love functional beauty.

From our harvest we make jams, pickles, oils and juices locally. We fashion brooms from coconut tree blades.

We sell our natural products in our farm store, where you can enjoy an organic coffee in tranquility.

Our services

1. Innovation Centre

We run a business innovation centre in the farm, where companies, schools and various organisations come and participate in creative thinking sessions. We use a simple yet powerful tool to maximise the creative potential within teams. 

In collaboration with Designathon Works, a Dutch innovation agency, we also invite children to brainstorm around the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

Our Innovation Centre is an inspirational meeting location. With floor to ceiling windows you enjoy natural light and a complete view of our land. You can schedule your next offsite with our world class facilitators, or you may rent just this private location for your formal or informal meetings.

2. Farm stay

We continue being super hosts with AirBnB. We host many local and international travellers at our farm. They love a quiet stay not far away from the city.

Our guests enjoy a peaceful day, watch the stars at night and wake up to a sumptuous fresh breakfast in the morning.

We provide a true eco-friendly farm experience where you can help milking the cows and feeding the ducks. We have plenty of toys and outdoor activities to entertain your children. Children love to explore our farm in their own curious ways.

Bored at home?

Bring your own food and have a picnic!

Relax in a safe and open environment.
Time slot 1 - 10:00 - 13:00
Time slot 2 - 14:00 - 17:00

RS 300 per persona. Above 12 years.

3. Coaching sessions

We are happy to coach high potentials to become better leaders in their lives and careers.

As a certified Marshall Goldsmith coach and creative executive leader, Shammy continues to develop and help executives and individuals to take the next step in their careers.

Charlotte is a PhD scholar in traditional medicinal plants. She is also well versed in various healing methods using energy as a framework. She holds numerous meditation and healing sessions in our farm.

4. Farm food

We started planting our fruit trees to provide pesticide free and naturally grown products for our children.

Today we have over 300 trees, over 30 varieties of fruits and vegetables, pure country A2 milk from Gir cows, country chickens and duck eggs.

You are welcome at our one-stop-shop organic farm store that provides fresh vegetables and provisions. We also sell products from our community of organic farms and small businesses.

Come by for a hot coffee or refreshing drink while you shop.

You are welcome!

The best way to understand Jacob & Klooster Farms is to look at our visitors. It doesn’t matter how busy or stressed their lives are. When they enter our place, they start smiling.

We welcome you.

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